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Introducing Daala

Introducing Daala

Posted Jun 22, 2013 1:17 UTC (Sat) by tterribe (✭ supporter ✭, #66972)
In reply to: Introducing Daala by ncm
Parent article: Introducing Daala

That was roughly what the ancient Xiph wavelet codec project, Tarkin, was exploring. In addition to the problems rillian mentioned (latency and pre-echo), you also have the problem that on the timescale of normal video (30 fps), projections onto the temporal axis are not smooth. At 300 fps that might be different.

There were experiments in the late 90's to "thread" the 3rd dimension back along the paths of motion vectors, but this gets complicated in a hurry (consider two different motion vectors that point back to the same pixel), and never really demonstrated compelling advantages.

Complexity is the one thing that's actually not a problem. Most practical transforms are separable, meaning you can, e.g., implement the 2D transform by applying a 1D transform to the rows and then a 1D transform to the columns. So the cost is linear in the number of dimensions.

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