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xine and dvd license

xine and dvd license

Posted Oct 26, 2003 11:43 UTC (Sun) by ekj (guest, #1524)
In reply to: xine and dvd license by elanthis
Parent article: A Review of LindowsOS 4.0

"Normal Xine", with some external plugins, can play DVDs, but not *legally* (in the US and some other countries, anyways). Say what you will about how dumb that is, if you intentionally buy a DVD, you are agreeing that you don't mind the license requirements (if you *do* mind, then you shouldn't be buying DVDs!), and you thus should follow the (admittedly infuriating) laws and only use a licensed decoder.

Been drinking the Kool-Aid, have we ?

Your thougths are exactly the ones the IP-cartel would like you to have, but thankfully you're wrong.

A movie (typically) is a copyrigthed work. Thus it's distribution and COPYING is governed by a set of laws called copyrigth-laws. Nowhere in these laws does it say that you have to purchase a "approved" player to access a copyrigthed work that you have legally bougth.

In the case of ENCRYPTED DVDs the DMCA makes additional trouble, since bypassing the protection is illegal even in the cases where the access itself is legal. But the DMCA is totally irrelevant for UNENCRYPTED DVDs like the one discussed here.

Typical DVDs doesn't come with any license saying anything about which players can or should be used. (atleast none of the many dvds I have came with such a thing.) And even if they did, a court would be very unlikely to uphold them.

Ask yourself; Do you think a court would uphold a "EULA" printed on the inside of the back-cover of a book saying that the book can only legally be read through glasses licensed and approved by the BPAA ?

If not, why do you think movies are different ?

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