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Ubuntu bug #1 closed

Ubuntu bug #1 closed

Posted Jun 4, 2013 18:35 UTC (Tue) by dlang (subscriber, #313)
In reply to: Ubuntu bug #1 closed by khim
Parent article: Ubuntu bug #1 closed

> ll successful OSes live without such systems: Android, ChromeOS, iOS, MacOS, Windows.

you've obviously never heard of DLL hell where different programs on windows require incompatible versions of DLLs

If you think there are no version numbers for libraries on those operating systems you just don't know what you are talking about

As for dependencies, they don't have automatic dependency resolution, instead the user has to do this manually when they run across some program that depends on something that's not installed by default. You may not have run across such a situation, but I sure have.

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Ubuntu bug #1 closed

Posted Jun 5, 2013 5:50 UTC (Wed) by Cyberax (✭ supporter ✭, #52523) [Link]

DLL hell is actually a feature of half-assed attempt at fine-grained dependency control. It's been solved by forcing each app to use its own private namespace for libraries.

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