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Ubuntu bug #1 closed

Ubuntu bug #1 closed

Posted Jun 2, 2013 13:03 UTC (Sun) by pboddie (guest, #50784)
In reply to: Ubuntu bug #1 closed by khim
Parent article: Ubuntu bug #1 closed

Oh yes, I've worked in environments of all sizes where everyone have been given laptops, and the justification for using laptops instead of desktops is generally that of flexibility: you can be shuffled from project to project or workspace to workspace, you can go to meetings and present stuff from your own computer, there are fewer wires and less equipment sitting around. All of this became possible when laptops were no longer much more expensive and inferior to desktops.

So, there is this continuing trend, but at the same time there has still always been the desire even in such workplaces for people to have docking stations, additional screens (especially when CRTs started to go away in favour of LCDs, which is a factor behind laptops becoming cheaper, too), external keyboards and mice, and so on. A big reason for this is ergonomics: some people still hate their laptop ergonomics, and some actually become ill if they have to work under such conditions.

I agree that it will become more normal to use mobile devices for the stuff where a laptop is just excessive: when you just want to plug in some device to share content with a projector, for example, messing around with a laptop (even more so when it is a Mac, as I'm sure we've all witnessed) is going to seem more and more ridiculous. But as all the possibilities open up, the "tablet GUI" metaphor may not be mainstream, either: we may see all sorts of specialisations emerging, devices may even support many of them (like the Ubuntu/Android mode switching concept), and for many people life will go on as it always has.

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