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Ubuntu bug #1 closed

Ubuntu bug #1 closed

Posted Jun 2, 2013 5:29 UTC (Sun) by FranTaylor (guest, #80190)
In reply to: Ubuntu bug #1 closed by raven667
Parent article: Ubuntu bug #1 closed

That's not a very good strategy if your goal is to be a ubiquitous distribution. It's also not a good strategy if you actually want to make money. Ubuntu's wide availability on the server, the desktop, and the laptop means that it's an attractive distribution for third party vendors; they can say "We support Ubuntu" and their customers have a wide variety of hardware platforms to choose from. People who are paying big $$$ for a commercial software package are not going to mind paying a few extra $$$ for a supported operating system.

I like to use the analogy of trucks. If a company uses a lot of trucks in its business, it spends a lot of money on them. They can save a lot of money by pitting the vendors against each other. Trucks from different vendors are more-or-less interchangable. I talked to a purchasing agent who buys a million dollars worth of trucks every year. When the truck salesmen come to visit, he parks trucks from the competition in the visitor's parking lot so the salesman gets the message that he has a tough sell in front of him. When a company can use the same strategy with its computers, they can also save money. Ubuntu plays nicely into this strategy.

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