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Ubuntu bug #1 closed

Ubuntu bug #1 closed

Posted May 31, 2013 5:15 UTC (Fri) by rsidd (subscriber, #2582)
In reply to: Ubuntu bug #1 closed by khim
Parent article: Ubuntu bug #1 closed

Yup. Exactly the same situation as with MS-DOS 30 years ago: it was basically impossible to use Compaq DOS on IBM PC or IBM DOS on anything except genuine article.

Not true at all. Having grown up in a country (India) where, in those days, the "genuine article" was a rarity and the market was dominated by local beige-box assemblers, I can attest that quite a few of them did install (pirated) Compaq DOS or IBM PC DOS. Functionally there was no difference between those and MS-DOS.

(Today the market here is dominated by the same multinationals you see in the west -- including Dell, Compaq/HP, Sony, Lenovo, etc -- and many of them supply low-priced, modern laptops pre-installed with FreeDOS. This is obviously an invitation to the user to install a pirated copy of Windows. Why not ship the thing with some form of Linux instead?)

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