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Google releases a draft VP8 patent cross-license

Google releases a draft VP8 patent cross-license

Posted May 23, 2013 10:08 UTC (Thu) by gerv (subscriber, #3376)
Parent article: Google releases a draft VP8 patent cross-license

I don't think the lack of sublicensability is a problem at all.

Anyone can go to the Google site at any time, click, and be licensed for all future _and_past_ uses. So the only time anyone would ever actually need to do that is if they had been sued, and doing it would make the lawsuit go away. I actually think this is a pretty cunning solution if it's not possible to have a sublicensable licence (I suspect, with no evidence, that MPEG-LA didn't allow that).

As for the field-of-use restriction, expecting MPEG-LA to allow Google to give free licenses to all these patents without such a restriction is basically expecting them to blow up a substantial part of their H.264 licensing business. That seems somewhat unlikely.

Finally, comparing patent license agreements to the OSD is a category error IMO.


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