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Posted May 15, 2013 10:04 UTC (Wed) by njwhite (guest, #51848)
In reply to: My main problem with OpenOffice is the brand by Wol
Parent article: Results of the Apache OpenOffice 4.0 Logo Survey

> I'm still a WordPerfect fanatic. Oh - did you know that its file format was last updated TWENTY years ago, and that WP5.1+ FOR DOS can still read - and render pretty accurately - files written with the latest version?!

The stability of the file format is admirable. But according to wikipedia WordPerfect doesn't do Unicode, which surely limits its usability rather significantly for many people. Plus it's proprietary, of course.

Getting rather off-topic, but why do you like it? What does it have that LO lacks?

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Posted May 15, 2013 15:55 UTC (Wed) by Wol (guest, #4433) [Link]

It may be proprietary (as in "owned by someone") but that is true of pretty much everything - including Linux.

It is also open, as in well-documented (often NOT true of projects we consider "open"), and freely available to use.

So, as a standard, I'd say it's actually a lot more free and open than a lot of stuff we happily consider free and open.

As for why I like WordPerfect - well first off I have to admit that from version 9 on (the Corel rewrite), I think it's gone badly downhill. BUT. What's to like? "Reveal Codes" for a start - I can see my document clearly in markup mode that shows me both *what* is happening, and *why*. If a wysiwyg program does something funny it's a real pain to try and find out what's going on. Many's the time I've been asked to debug a WP document, and in seconds it's been obvious what's happening, even with features I don't use and am unfamiliar with. And this markup window is an *editing* window. Secondly, and this is its text-screen roots showing (not DOS, it predates MS-DOS), it positively encourages editing properties in dialog boxes using absolute or relative positioning, *typed in as co-ordinates*! Thirdly, it's always been comprehensive, consistent and generic. When they introduced the label feature, they didn't call it labels, they called it "subdivide page". Which made it a useful and generic feature (v9 bastardised that, of course).

When I first encountered WordPerfect (v5.1 for DOS), I had access to about three other word processing programs, at least one of which I knew intimately, having enjoyed delving into its bowels over the years. Yet WordPerfect rapidly displaced them all as my favourite, it "thinks the way I do" and *really* *is* intuitive. I find Word, and Word clones such as LO Writer (and recent versions of WordPerfect :-( very UNintuitive as they try far too much to second-guess the user and hide things from them. WordPerfect was aimed at the professional typist who knew what they were doing. Word is aimed at the casual user who needs to relearn it every time they use it :-(

If I could actually find it in the shops, rather than pay full price on the web (I'm unemployed and can't afford it :-( I'd buy the latest version of WordPerfect like a shot. What I really need to do is get 6.1 for Windows working under wine ... that would be heaven! I've got an unlocked copy. If I could get an unlocked v8, even better!


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