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A prayer from your mouth to Ballmers's ears

A prayer from your mouth to Ballmers's ears

Posted May 11, 2013 22:47 UTC (Sat) by rcweir (guest, #48888)
In reply to: A prayer from your mouth to Ballmers's ears by keithcu
Parent article: Results of the Apache OpenOffice 4.0 Logo Survey

No one said it was easy. LO made a lot of choices that made it difficult for them. By insisting on having their own foundation rather than joining one the several existing ones (Mozilla, Apache, Eclipse, etc.) they've diluted their efforts enormously. I see good engineers wasting time interviewing tax advisors, worrying about servers, or fundraising. It is a shame, really.

But that was their choice. They should make the most of it rather than complain. Or, if they really their position is untenable without the OpenOffice brand, then they should talk to Apache and see what can be worked out to end the fork.

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A prayer from your mouth to Ballmers's ears

Posted May 12, 2013 1:50 UTC (Sun) by keithcu (guest, #58738) [Link]

Creating a foundation is easy compared to the difficulty of building a positive worldwide image around a name, and repairing and sustaining a community around a big piece of software. The fact that you would casually make a comparison between tasks of many different orders of magnitude of work shows dangerous ignorance.

Furthermore, do you know of a community that doesn't worry about servers or fundraising?

I've noticed that most of the volunteers who signed up with you when this plan started (like Eric from OOO4Kids) are no longer contributing. You are unintentionally poisoning the volunteer community and "stealing" away people who would be happier in LibreOffice. Most people joining AOO have no idea that the LibreOffice code, tools, license, people, vibe, etc. is better over there.

Rob, you accused me of being in a cult, but you are the one running one. It is only that you are able to recruit uinformed new people at the pace you can that you have anything more than 15 paid confused "volunteers" working on your codebase. You also bad-mouth LibreOffice periodically to prevent anyone from being interested in learning more, and tell half-truths and propaganda to keep members in.

How many know that LibreOffice 4.0 already has countless features that AOO 4.0 will not? Why don't you post that list to your aliases and see what happens? Do they know why LibreOffice's Geritt is better than what you have? Do they know many consider you a bully? Here's one statement about it by a commenter on my blog: I can quickly find you others than one from my blog if you want. There are a lot of people inside AOO who don't know things the rest of us do, which is a characteristic of cults.

Of course, your money could be very useful to them. And your full-time dev resources, and your trademark, and your URL. You (currently) have negative worth, but it is possible to usefully combine the other resources. Suppose it came from down on high at IBM that you should end the fork. Could you implement it? Have you made a contingency plan? Sometimes you need to jump out of an airplane, so it can be helpful to become familiar with a parachute.

IMO, you need to realize you made a mistake 2 years ago. Many people complained at that time, but you didn't listen or fix your plan. Many are waiting for you, in hopes you one day can look at the predictions and the facts in a new way. You seem to be waiting for LibreOffice to approach you to end the fork, when you already have the power to do it.

LibreOffice's position isn't untenable without the OpenOffice brand. It would just be very useful to them, and you are the person most responsible today for letting it waste away, and forcing the community to pointlessly build up a new one. Don't put those accomplishments on your resume!

A prayer from your mouth to Ballmers's ears

Posted May 12, 2013 2:05 UTC (Sun) by rcweir (guest, #48888) [Link]

Keith, nice trolling. But the topic of the article is the logo-selection process for Apache OpenOffice project. Do you have any questions or comments on that?

A prayer from your mouth to Ballmers's ears

Posted May 12, 2013 2:47 UTC (Sun) by keithcu (guest, #58738) [Link]

If you go and re-read the comment I was replying to, written by you, you'll see that what you wrote has nothing to do with the logo selection process.

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