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Posted May 11, 2013 3:58 UTC (Sat) by BrucePerens (guest, #2510)
In reply to: Dumb by rcweir
Parent article: Results of the Apache OpenOffice 4.0 Logo Survey

The entire point of "given enough eyeballs" is that the eyeballs belong to competent programmers who are engaged in modifying the code, or at least developing an understanding of the code with the intent of modifying it.

The equivalent would be having a great many qualified marketers work collaboratively. I'm sure you have some, but no so many that "many eyes" applies.

Many eyes with no concept of marketing principles would work on a marketing problem about as well as a roomful of monkeys do at typing out Shakespeare.

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Posted May 11, 2013 11:34 UTC (Sat) by rcweir (guest, #48888) [Link]

I suppose you are opposed to beta testing software, because that puts the bugs in front of the unwashed masses rather than an elite group of programmers?

Of course the people filling out the survey are not the competent designers. They represent the target market for the logo, the end users. The people looking at the feedback from the survey are the competent designers. They appreciate the feedback and the comments they received from users in our target market. It is one source of information that feeds into the process, but not the only one.

Of course your analogy is flawed since we're not asking your "monkeys" or (whatever you want to compare open source users to today) to design a logo, or write play. We're only looking for feedback from the very group of people to whom the logo is targeted. Think of it as feedback and part of iterative design. Those familiar with User Centered Design would understand this best. But the concept is not difficult.

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