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Fedora 19 Alpha released

Fedora 19 Alpha released

Posted May 2, 2013 15:45 UTC (Thu) by FranTaylor (guest, #80190)
In reply to: Fedora 19 Alpha released by hadrons123
Parent article: Fedora 19 Alpha released

fails to boot to graphical screen in vmware unless 3-d acceleration is disabled

fails to log in to gnome desktop in vmware regardless of video setting, X server crashes

KDE desktop allows successful login, however:

immediately after logging out, window to update software appears. clicking on it results in a login screen

MATE login fails in vmware regardless of video setting

yes indeed just another typical day with fedora

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Fedora 19 Alpha released

Posted May 2, 2013 21:12 UTC (Thu) by mathstuf (subscriber, #69389) [Link]

Not that I use vmware, but I've had no such issues on Rawhide[1] desktop or my recently-updated F19 netbook. Now, I use the TTY to login and run startx, but I haven't had any X crashes (there's some latent USB bug floating around which causes it to ignore my keyboard[2], but I doubt that's much a bug in anything higher than the kernel itself).

[1]Well, Eclipse is routinely broken, but that's not a deal breaker for me. Ant/Vim do just fine most of the time.
[2]No bug filed yet.

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