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This Week's Ruby News - Issue 140

From:  Ruby Weekly <>
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Subject:  This Week's Ruby News - Issue 140
Date:  Thu, 11 Apr 2013 14:03:31 +0000
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Ruby Weekly - A Weekly Ruby Newsletter
Issue #140 - April 11, 2013


Working With Ruby Threads E-book Released

  Jesse Storimer, author of Working with Unix Processes and Working with TCP
  Sockets, is back with his third book that focuses on threading and
  concurrency in Ruby. He says you can use the code 'RUBYWEEKLY' to take $5
  off. <small><em>(We have no financial connection, just a good will
  gesture/friend of the newsletter thing on his part).</em></small>

Ruby 2.0 Works Hard So You Can Be Lazy

  Pat Shaughnessy takes an in-depth look at Ruby 2.0's lazy enumeration
  feature and how it relates to regular enumerators.

EuRuKo 2013 Tickets For Sale Starting April 12th (This Friday)

  EuRuKo, Europe's Ruby conference, is in Greece this year and it usually
  sells out fast. So put this Friday 12th in your calendar if you want to
  grab a ticket.

Burlington Ruby Conference 2013 (August 3-4 in Vermont)

  Speakers include Mark Bates, Steve Klabnik, Carina C. Zona and Richard
  Schneeman. You can even sponsor a cat.

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How great teams deliver better apps with continuous integration

  One moment to let Semaphore autoconfigure a project from GitHub. Another to
  invite your collaborators. Platform is based on dedicated hardware and
  works with all major dependencies out of the box. Sign up for a free trial
  and see how fast your tests will pass.


IdentityCache: Improving Performance one Cached Model at a Time

  A look at IdentityCache, a library extracted from Shopify that provides a
  read through cache for ActiveRecord models.

Using GDB to Inspect A Running Ruby Process

  A very quick look at digging into a Ruby process with the GNU Debugger.

Give Vagrant a Place in Your Workflow

How to Make Chrome Understand The Sass/SCSS in Your Rails App

  Chrome's DevTools support 'source maps' which allow minified or uncompiled
  code to be debugged more easily. This post shows how to get Chrome and
  Rails co-operating and showing the true line number backtraces in the

Setting up Sublime Text 2

  Alex MacCaw has recently switched from TextMate to Sublime Text and shares
  some pointers on its configuration. (But my personal protip: <a
  href="">Phoenix</a>, a fork of
  Soda, looks even nicer than Soda.)

Ruby 2.0's Module#prepend

  Garry Shutler looks at using Module#prepend to implement memoization.

Using rbenv to Manage Rubies and Gems

  And, more specifically, a quick guide for switching from RVM to rbenv.

Scripting Vim with Ruby 2.0.0

Surfacing Interesting Content

  A well presented look at algorithms you can use to surface the most
  interesting content within a user contributed content site.

Why U No Have Nested Exceptions?

Watching and Listening

Building a Ruby Library, the Parts No One Talks About

  Mitchell Hashimoto shares his knowledge on a variety of topics relating to
  build libraries in Ruby, including versioning, file structure,
  configuration, and logging.

Ruby Rogues Celebrates Its 100th Episode

  The 100th episode of the popular Ruby Rogues podcast is out. Yours truly
  makes an appearance and doesn't say very much. Aaron Patterson and Mandy
  Moore also make special guest appearances.

Testing Your Automation: TDD for Chef Cookbooks

  Nathen Harvey explores reasons why you should add tests to your automation
  framework and provides practical examples of how to do so and which tools
  to use.

Libraries, Code and Tools

fast_open_struct: A More Efficient OpenStruct

  An OpenStruct clone that doesn't invalidate Ruby's method cache every time
  it is instantiated.

RubyMine 5.4 is Here and Ready for Rails 4

  JetBrains has released an update to the RubyMine Ruby and Rails IDE that
  includes Rails 4 support, a CoffeeScript debugger for non-Rails apps, and
  debugging on device for RubyMotion apps.

Decaf: Ruby in the Browser

  A modification of WebKit that embeds and runs Ruby right in the browser.
  You can access the DOM, use the inspector, and do most other things that
  JavaScript can do.. except with Ruby. An interesting experiment.

Taskmapper: An Abstract Ruby API to Bug Tracking and Project Management Tools

  A universal Ruby-based API to bug tracking and project management systems.

Ruboto 0.11: A Platform for Developing Android Apps with JRuby

  0.11.0 adds support for running in Ruby 2.0 mode and sets the default
  target to Android 2.3 API level 10. Initial support for the Gosu game
  toolkit is also included.

Phusion Passenger 4.0 Release Candidate 6

Wi-Fi SSID Sniffer in 9 Lines of Ruby using Raw Sockets

A .powrc File Which Works with .rvmrc or .ruby-version Configuration Files


Ruby Developer (remote, can be anywhere)

  Litmus, the e-mail testing and analytics company. We work on tough problems
  everyday and we're looking for great developers wherever you live in the
  world. Come and see what our team have to say about working here.

Ruby Developer at HouseTrip (London, UK)

Applications Developer at Merchants Bonding Company [Des Moines, Iowa]

Full-Stack Engineer at Bonobos [New York, New York]

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