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Quotes of the week

But it can be worked around. Just use trial and error to find every Haskell library that does this, and then modify them to export all the symbols they use. And after each one, rebuild all libraries that depend on it.

You're very unlikely to end up with more than 9 thousand lines of patches. Because that's all it took me.

Joey Hess

And here, poor fool! with all my lore I stand, no wiser than before. All what I could derive from studying what lightweight means is, that one just has to claim to be lightweight. Bonus points if you include it into your name.
Martin Gräßlin

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Quotes of the week

Posted Apr 26, 2013 21:33 UTC (Fri) by hamjudo (guest, #363) [Link]

I used an original Apple II back in 1977, so I know what "high resolution" means. It means 280x192 distinctly non-square pixels.

Since technology marches on, any adjective will become archaic and inappropriate relatively quickly. We need numbers.

If a window manager is designed to run well with a 4MByte memory foot print, than put that in the description. Depending on which year, that might be heavy or very very light. If it is optimized to minimize the amount of pixels used for window decorations, than say so.

Given my ever advancing age, I want a window manager that requires a minimal amount of retraining. ie. I want to be effective, even when "light" on learning.

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