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Quotes of the week

I get it now. If AOO is more secure than other Apache projects than this may give the impression that the other projects are less secure because they do not take these precautions. No project can be better than others since that implies some are worse. So any attempt to improve must be resisted since it reflects poorly on the projects that don't.

I apologize for not noticing this before. I understand completely. It is a very human reaction. I guess I'll just wait for the time to come for other projects to figure this out, through whatever painful lessons await them, so we can then move forward together, at the same pace.

Rob Weir

UTF-8 is a gateway drug, and next thing you know you have Elvish in a comment; cue Theo's epic closing plenary from Surge 2011 [...]

We should -- must -- remain 7-bit ASCII, if only for the sake of future Theos.

Bryan Cantrill

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Quotes of the week

Posted Apr 11, 2013 9:37 UTC (Thu) by branden (guest, #7029) [Link]

It seems that Rob Weir is consistently LibreOffice's MVP.

Elvish comments

Posted Apr 11, 2013 9:54 UTC (Thu) by shiar (subscriber, #67206) [Link]

If only; I'm still waiting for Tengwar to be included in standard Unicode :)

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