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Posted Apr 7, 2013 15:10 UTC (Sun) by HelloWorld (guest, #56129)
In reply to: Rust by anselm
Parent article: Mozilla and Samsung building a new browser engine

> A Fortran compiler is allowed by the language definition to make all sorts of assumptions that are unavailable to a C compiler.
What assumptions? The one that people keep bringing up (pointer aliasing issues) was fixed a long time ago with the restrict keyword.

> In addition, direct translation of Fortran source code to C (and vice versa) usually leads to significantly worse performance in the new language if arrays are involved, simply because Fortran assumes that arrays are stored in row-major order while C assumes a column-major arrangement.
How is that supposed to matter? Whether row-major or column-major arrangement is faster depends entirely on the access patterns in the relevant program, and besides that, you're free to use a column-major layout in C as well, you just have to calculate indices by hand.

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