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ZFS on Linux 0.6.1

ZFS on Linux 0.6.1

Posted Apr 3, 2013 8:48 UTC (Wed) by nim-nim (subscriber, #34454)
In reply to: ZFS on Linux 0.6.1 by dgm
Parent article: ZFS on Linux 0.6.1

>> Nothing that could not be done either with Eclipse rcp

> Sure, but what is the ratio of Swing vs RCP developers? I guess it's very > favorable to Swing.

I wouldn't guess any way, Swing is one of the technologies SUN overhyped despite lackluster adoption. In fact getting rid of all the parts SUN added to the JVM to spur adoption, despite lack of market interest, worked for Android and would have worked for gcj too.

>> or a webapp frontend

> We are talking about installation and set up tools. A webapp requires
> the software to be already installed and configured, so they are not a
> viable option.

A web app does not need intrisically more configuration than a gui app, esp if you have it listen to localhost on a specific port (like cups did) at fist.
Sure it's not pretty but none of those java setups tools are particularly pretty either.

You could have argued in favor of a text based tool, but if what you want is remote cross-platform gui, Swing + X11 is still the way to go.

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