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ZFS on Linux 0.6.1

ZFS on Linux 0.6.1

Posted Mar 30, 2013 21:04 UTC (Sat) by tnoo (subscriber, #20427)
In reply to: ZFS on Linux 0.6.1 by Company
Parent article: ZFS on Linux 0.6.1

> That's because whenever they do have stuff that's Free, people fork it away from them, see MariaDB or Libreoffice.

Most of these projects were inherited from Sun.

> Oracle is just not capable of doing Open Source.

True. Sun was always flirting with open source. They were one of the most open proprietary companies (releasing Java source code, buying and liberating Staroffice, ...), but they always had a very close grip on these projects.Apparently, being neither open nor closed is not a good business model.

Oracle, it seems, has no clear vision for these projects, dumped Openoffice on Apache, and it seems is not ready, but still obliged, to deal with Java, Mysql, Solaris, and other stuff.

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ZFS on Linux 0.6.1

Posted Mar 31, 2013 11:21 UTC (Sun) by tzafrir (subscriber, #11501) [Link]

Funny that Java is mentioned elsewhere in this thread as "doing a Java". As you probably well recall, there were a number of free reimplementations of Java. At the time the combination of GNU Classpath and Apache Harmony was getting quite useful. This has forced Sun's hand to free Java or risk losing control of the Java brand. Eventually Sun released Java in a license explicitly compatible with Classpath (GPL with an exception for Classpath) and incompatible with Harmony.

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