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StatusNet,, and transitioning to

StatusNet,, and transitioning to

Posted Mar 28, 2013 5:37 UTC (Thu) by karim (subscriber, #114)
Parent article: StatusNet,, and transitioning to

I've never used Identica and never would have. I was (and still am) a very heavy Twitter user and have lately taken up Google+ because that's where all the open source geeks are. Rolling out my own StatusNet wouldn't really have been that useful either., though, is something I'm keeping a very close eye on. I've been considering rolling out my own server ever since I heard about it. Two reasons: 1. federation, 2. Apache licensing. I'm actually surprised this article somewhat lately discusses the 2nd aspect. I think that this is a strategically well thought out move that will show its value in due time.

Though I don't have the resources to keep updating a server to follow development versions, the more mature gets the more likely I'll roll out an instance.

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StatusNet,, and transitioning to

Posted Jul 24, 2013 10:10 UTC (Wed) by sickofthesea (guest, #87341) [Link] was full of open source geeks. In fact it was hard to find posts that weren't related to it in some way. You missed out and now all the geeks have no option but to use Google+ and Twitter until someone comes to rescue us geeks from their evil clutches! I miss :-(

StatusNet,, and transitioning to

Posted Feb 11, 2015 11:22 UTC (Wed) by shiju86.v (guest, #100998) [Link]


I am integrate social server on my iOS development. The server has created/installed at our server end. I am stuck with user registration/login process. As we know, user registration with passing different parametrs and get response as well. Actually, i need to check the api URL's. So that i familiar with the api’s.

I get the feeds, followers and following with this url:: https://<hostname>/api/user/<nick name>/feed

Trying to register: https://<hostname>/api/register/nickname=sam&password=sam
But bad luck. I don't know what i am missing. Please suggest me. Waiting your response. You can also email me at

Shiju Varghese

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