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Opera moves to WebKit and V8

Opera moves to WebKit and V8

Posted Mar 12, 2013 5:38 UTC (Tue) by Duncan (guest, #6647)
In reply to: Opera moves to WebKit and V8 by geofft
Parent article: Opera moves to WebKit and V8

> What worries me more is, for instance, Apple's requirement that everyone writing a browser on iOS must be using the system WebKit (the so-called Chrome for iOS included), since that keeps all power to patch that web engine for an entire platform in one entity's hands.

That sounds very much like the distros vs. upstream argument on bundled libraries... for exactly the same reason, unbundled system libs allow the distro/OS to patch all users of that lib with a single patch to the system lib, instead of requiring dozens of apps, some of them obscure and rarely used enough to not be as well tracked as the major browsers, be patched.

Seems quite reasonable to me.

Now if, say, firefox isn't allowed to run on iOS (I don't know, iOS is a walled garden I don't even visit), or links or lynx, the text-mode-browsers, because they use some non-webkit library, then that's a different matter indeed. But requiring unbundled system libraries is standard practice among distros as well... for good reason!


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Opera moves to WebKit and V8

Posted Mar 12, 2013 7:24 UTC (Tue) by dlang (subscriber, #313) [Link]

Firefox is not a webkit based browser, so it's not that it's bundling it's own webkit, it's that it's not using the Apple blessed browser engine, so it's not allowed on iOS

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