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Yet another Wayland thread

Yet another Wayland thread

Posted Mar 9, 2013 19:04 UTC (Sat) by Serge (guest, #84957)
In reply to: Yet another Wayland thread by Cyberax
Parent article: Canonical reveals plans to launch Mir display server (The H)

> I've read Wayland source code and I've actually tried it back when it could only display a primitive terminal window and rotating flowers.

Then why you're saying things like "Wayland opens a way to yet another class of devices" and constantly mix up Wayland and Weston as if you've never seen them and don't know anything about them?

>> You must be talking about some theoretical Wayland again. Real world applications have to use compositor-specific interfaces.
> No they don't.

Have you read sources of those applications? Read again. :) You'll see that *real-world* applications use compositor-specific interfaces.

> And they are compatible, right? Say, does IceWM support that nice tray popup dbus protocol?

Yes, it does. Even more, they're supported without WM at all (notification-daemon).

> Whoops.

Are those tray popups supported in Wayland/Weston? No. Whoops. :)

You are arguing that Xorg is not too good, and Wayland is not too bad, while you should be arguing who it's good for. Nothing else matters if Wayland is good for noone.

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