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Rolling testing

Rolling testing

Posted Mar 8, 2013 23:02 UTC (Fri) by ibukanov (subscriber, #3942)
In reply to: Rolling testing by man_ls
Parent article: Shuttleworth: Not convinced by rolling releases

> but you can check that there is a sound module loaded at boot on a certain set of laptops, not too much problem.

How would one pick up laptops? And what about older hardware that may be still popular but it hard to get?

So I just do not see how one can skip user during testing. Surely with unlimited amount of time one can try to solve that problem, but with a more realistic budget spending efforts to simplify testing by users would be more fruitful.

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Rolling testing

Posted Mar 8, 2013 23:17 UTC (Fri) by man_ls (guest, #15091) [Link]

Both automated and end-user testing are needed, always. Anyway hardware is the province of the kernel, and they are quite efficient solving this kind of bug. I doubt that Ubuntu patches many sound card bugs nowadays in their kernels.

Rolling testing

Posted Mar 8, 2013 23:43 UTC (Fri) by ibukanov (subscriber, #3942) [Link]

> Anyway hardware is the province of the kernel

I wish that would be true. ALSA has many (way too many IMO) knobs that the user space can influence and both Fedora and Ubuntu touch them. Or consider BlueTooth. The kernel support is rather generic it is up to the application framework to deal with various devices. Unfortunately the result is that one may have two devices that require different Linux distros to get them working...

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