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Shuttleworth: Not convinced by rolling releases

Shuttleworth: Not convinced by rolling releases

Posted Mar 8, 2013 16:59 UTC (Fri) by sebas (subscriber, #51660)
In reply to: Shuttleworth: Not convinced by rolling releases by fest3er
Parent article: Shuttleworth: Not convinced by rolling releases

Reading your comment, the instability and rythm you claim do not reflect my experience. In fact, none of the pieces of software or versions you name caused *any* upheaval on my systems. That's not to say there weren't any, Pulseaudio probably being one of the more painful changes in the landscape, for example, and there were a few others. Yet I don't get the feeling that my system becomes unstable every so many years and then stabilizes again. It depends a lot on what you run, and what you do of course, but your general statement does not resonate with me at all.

I don't think that has anything to do with rolling releases though, Rolling Release doesn't mean "ship whatever upstream has just released", but providing a constant stream of updated software. You don't have to ship anything that you deem good enough, and finding out what is and isn't is a matter of testing it with your usecases, or having a group of experienced users run it and report problems. It's certainly a bad idea to "blindly trust upstream, ship it and pray".

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