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Security quotes of the week

Security quotes of the week

Posted Mar 5, 2013 15:03 UTC (Tue) by ortalo (subscriber, #4654)
Parent article: Security quotes of the week

Hey, what about threshold schemes for intrusion tolerance!

BTW, these algo. weren't also called "Shamir's Secret Sharing" algorithms? ;-)

Of course, it also implies that the target systems are disimilar and do not have the same vulnerabilities... But we love diversification in the open source world (all the Linuxes + all the BSDs...), don't we? And we are all very eager do redo things differently a few times (for personal ego reasons).
Time to claim for better security in the open source world than in the closed source world for the right (marketing) reasons!
(And no, I won't count virtual machines as diversification. I am old-fashioned - or not enough old-fashioned as you prefer.)

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