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Just a user interface issue?

Just a user interface issue?

Posted Feb 28, 2013 21:45 UTC (Thu) by dlang (subscriber, #313)
In reply to: Just a user interface issue? by Lennie
Parent article: Loading keys from Microsoft PE binaries

running a CA is dirt cheap (look at openca), running a good CA securely costs a bit more.

you need to have processes in place to keep the bad guys out, this probably means that it takes more work to do the signing

you need redundancy

you need to spend time figuring out if you should sign things (unless you are a commercial CA, in which case you just need to see if the credit card accepts the charge)

That being said, the cost of running the CA itself is trivial compared to the cost of getting your cert accepted and in the various places it needs to be to do any good.

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Just a user interface issue?

Posted Feb 28, 2013 22:33 UTC (Thu) by Lennie (guest, #49641) [Link]

Forget I even mentioned it, I made a mistake in my thinking.

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