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Opera moves to WebKit and V8

Opera moves to WebKit and V8

Posted Feb 16, 2013 19:50 UTC (Sat) by robert_s (subscriber, #42402)
In reply to: Opera moves to WebKit and V8 by philipstorry
Parent article: Opera moves to WebKit and V8

>Except this is an engine that can be fixed by anyone when it's broken

If that were true then there wouldn't be any odd quirks of behavior specific to WebKit. And there are plenty.

It's not so much about going by the core specifications - browsers have become better at that - it's about all the tiny pieces of behavior around the edge that aren't in specifications. And with a monoculture of browser engines it's far more likely that a piece of unspecified behavior *becomes* a de-facto standard because "most browsers" "do it like that".

And that's where you start entering dangerous territory, standards-wise.

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Opera moves to WebKit and V8

Posted Feb 18, 2013 16:36 UTC (Mon) by maderik (guest, #28840) [Link]

This is silly -- s/Webkit/Linux kernel/ -- anyone can fix bugs yet there are also plenty of quirks, some of which get standardized into features. Does that mean the Linux kernel as the most popular *nix implementation is a bad thing?

Opera moves to WebKit and V8

Posted Feb 19, 2013 18:30 UTC (Tue) by sorpigal (subscriber, #36106) [Link]

As long as it's not the only *nix implementation of note there's no problem.

I can graph Linux adoption and project an inaccurate date in the future when there will be no notable other *nix implementations. Whether everything will continue to be as okay as it is now is debatable; I'd say that we've already reached "only one notable implementation" land when it comes to certain categories of use. It will get worse and I just hope that nothing really bad happens as a result.

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