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Should be: Goodnight, Perl 6. Period.

Should be: Goodnight, Perl 6. Period.

Posted Feb 16, 2013 0:52 UTC (Sat) by raiph (guest, #89283)
In reply to: Should be: Goodnight, Perl 6. Period. by HelloWorld
Parent article: Chromatic: Goodnight, Parrot

On this page you have said:

> I disagree with niner's original point, that's probably why [niner using an idiom I don't like] annoyed me more than it otherwise would have.

It's not absolutely clear if you were confessing to emotional dysfunction or were justifying your behavior. You appear to be doing the latter without realizing it's the former. If that's wrong, please accept my apologies.

> I'm writing comments to express my opinions. The fact that some people seem not to like them doesn't bother me very much.

Again, is that confessing to emotional dysfunction or justifying your behavior?

> When I see someone doing things that I consider harmful, and my comments stop them (which, btw, I consider unlikely), I won't feel bad for that.

Do you consider all your opinions to be timeless classics or do you sometimes change your mind in light of evidence? If it's the latter, how do you square that with what you've just said? Do you think you just apologize when you find out you're wrong?

> The probability of a developer doing useful work while working on a useless project is ...

... roughly the same as the chance you will understand how ignorant it is, in a dialog like this, to use an opinion that others don't agree with as a premise from which to logically draw further conclusions.

Granted, what I've said so far doesn't contradict what you have been saying, but still I think it's a point that should be made.

I think many of your sentences on this page reflect ignorance bordering on stupidity. And they're annoying. So presumably the tone of this response is justified. Right?

I'm sorely tempted to say I won't be much bothered if you haven't enjoyed this comment. Instead I'll say I hope you get something useful out of it. :)

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