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Security quotes of the week

Security quotes of the week

Posted Feb 14, 2013 17:05 UTC (Thu) by davidescott (guest, #58580)
In reply to: Security quotes of the week by Cyberax
Parent article: Security quotes of the week

Very Complex systems. ie most people won't check, and it would be reasonably easy to predict those who might check.

In a country where 50% of the people don't vote and don't care because they recognize it doesn't make a difference who they vote for this means that:
a) You can fraudulently insert votes from individuals who didn't vote and expect them not to check and verify that there vote was not recorded.
b) [Potentially] Change votes of some voters who match certain criteria (unemployed, not connected to a politically active group, low education) and reasonably expect that they will not attempt to verify their vote matches what they claim to have voted for.
c) If anyone does step forward brush them aside as a crackpot.

There is also a strong incentive for a reverse attack on the system from the losing side.
a) If you know you will lose cast the wrong vote (ie vote for the winner or somehow spoil your vote).
b) Complete the protocol for the correct vote to try and introduce an inconsistency in the tabulation.
c) Complain that the election is rigged. Most people won't understand the arguments one way or the other and come down on the side of their party in believing that either the voter screwed up (if they favor the winner) or that the election is rigged (if they favor the loser).

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