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GC or not GC

GC or not GC

Posted Feb 14, 2013 0:42 UTC (Thu) by marcH (subscriber, #57642)
In reply to: GC or not GC by Cyberax
Parent article: Chromatic: Goodnight, Parrot

> Debugging lags is not really a stuff that power users should do.

It's the only way to identify the guilty applications/services/system configurations/etc

As another example Windows' Resource Monitor (from Vista onwards) totally changed my Windows experience. I used to struggle against bloatware, taking random shots in the dark. Thanks to the Resource Monitor I am now doing surgical and very successful strikes in no troubleshooting time at all.

Too bad there is no "bootchart for Windows" yet. Or isn't there? Autoruns is nice but just a list.

Any complex and professional system has monitoring features built-in. Why not smartphones too? They are certainly complex enough to deserve this.

> Android has something like it, it can estimate the power use by application. You can use various apps to view these stats.

These are averages - the opposite of latency measurements.

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