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Goodbye, duct tape

Goodbye, duct tape

Posted Feb 12, 2013 14:00 UTC (Tue) by raiph (guest, #89283)
In reply to: Goodbye, duct tape by man_ls
Parent article: Chromatic: Goodnight, Parrot

Porting to the JVM is a pragmatic short term call not a strategic long term one.

As jnthn recently said:

"The way Perl 6 progresses in terms of its language design is thanks to people using the bits of it that are implemented so far and providing feedback. While a great deal of the language spec is now very stable, that has come after a great deal of feedback. We’ve some areas where we’ve not been able to build and try out certain things on Parrot, a big one being concurrency. Parrot lacked any kind of threads for years, and what it has now is not a great basis for building much on, sadly. That still leaves aside async operations, which should be considered in with all of this. Meanwhile, the JVM can offer well tested, widely used, battle-hardened building blocks for looking into these things, which will allow us to focus on the Perl 6 aspects of things without having to worry (much) about hitting VM bugs."

Once the JVM port is done I've no doubt that ports to other backends will start landing, and I've no doubt most will be non-proprietary.

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