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Should be: Goodnight, Perl 6.

Should be: Goodnight, Perl 6.

Posted Feb 11, 2013 23:29 UTC (Mon) by raiph (guest, #89283)
In reply to: Should be: Goodnight, Perl 6. by dskoll
Parent article: Chromatic: Goodnight, Parrot

> What practical difference does lack of subroutine signatures make?

An example in Perl 6 is that signatures are integral to the FFI solution and the upshot is that using C libraries from Perl 6 is truly trivial.

> Perl 5 followed Larry Wall's philosophy of making something that works, even if it isn't "beautiful" from an abstract computer science point of view. Perl 6 is going completely in the opposite direction: All sorts of amazingly cool features that thrill language designers but result in an unusable and horribly complex impractical lumbering beast.

I think you're viewing Perl 6 through the lens of dissatisfaction of trying it years ago.

Partly because the effort is pretty much directed by Larry Wall, the Perl 6 result is increasingly delivering all the practical goodness of Perl 5, plus an enormous bunch of extra *practical* goodies, combined with doing it right from a computer science point of view.

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