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Fedora 18 for ARM released

Fedora 18 for ARM released

Posted Feb 7, 2013 18:47 UTC (Thu) by jwakely (guest, #60262)
Parent article: Fedora 18 for ARM released

Hooray. I've been running the beta on my chromebook and it works really well. The fedora-arm team have done a great job and are very helpful.

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Fedora 18 for ARM released

Posted Feb 8, 2013 10:59 UTC (Fri) by ibukanov (guest, #3942) [Link]

You mean Samsung ARM chromebook? Has the warning about speakers from still holds true?

Fedora 18 for ARM released

Posted Feb 8, 2013 14:27 UTC (Fri) by jwakely (guest, #60262) [Link]

Yes, a Samsung ARM chromebook.

I think the risk of speaker frying is still real (but has been fixed in Ubuntu, so should get fixed in F18 soon, if not already). I haven't found it to be a problem, if you don't fiddle with alsamixer there is no danger of damage. I don't listen to much digital music (my vinyl gets jealous if I do) and if I want to watch a video I can reboot into ChromeOS, but the purpose of getting the chromebook was to write/test code while commuting or when I travel away from home, so I want a GNU/Linux machine with good battery life and a bigger screen and keyboard than my eeepc -- audio is not required :)

For my purposes, F18 ARM (with xfce) works quite nicely.

Fedora 18 for ARM released

Posted Feb 8, 2013 14:45 UTC (Fri) by ibukanov (guest, #3942) [Link]

Thanks for the info!

I consider getting that chrome book just for the fact that it does not have a fan and the harddrive is SSD so it should be a very quiet and lasting notebook.

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