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Poettering: The Biggest Myths

Poettering: The Biggest Myths

Posted Feb 7, 2013 8:25 UTC (Thu) by anselm (subscriber, #2796)
In reply to: Poettering: The Biggest Myths by dlang
Parent article: Poettering: The Biggest Myths

The GPS daemon provides the current location on a socket. It is probably unreasonable to expect systemd to be able to deal with that sort of information directly (systemd detractors would immediately jump on features such as these and call them out as »bloat«, with some justification).

Hence, a reasonable way of handling this would be to write a (not very complicated) subsidiary daemon that listened to the GPS daemon's output and triggered various systemd actions based on them. This might be a good idea in any case in order to provide »smoothing« of the location data or additional rules (»tell me about bars in the vicinity but only during happy hour«). This daemon itself would of course be managed by systemd.

This approach should also please the Unix traditionalists who insist that programs should »do one job and do it well«.

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