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Enterprise & grass roots won't work

Enterprise & grass roots won't work

Posted Oct 13, 2003 16:01 UTC (Mon) by mwilck (subscriber, #1966)
Parent article: An Evening with Bruce Perens

I doubt that enterprises will accept a "grass roots" enterprise Linux, because:

1) managers only trust other enterprises, not grass-roots organizations.
Even worse, they trust big players more than small ones because they think the big ones will live longer.

2) managers want warranties and enterprise level ("24/7, errors fixed in < 2h") support.

3) For many software and hardware vendors, supporting (i.e. thoroughly testing and certifying) two distributions with all their security updates is more than they'd like to do. See how little commercial support Mandrake Corporate Server is getting compared to RedHat and UL. The vendors concentrate on the big ones, end of story.

I am not saying these are good reasons, but it's the way the bosses think.
I wonder how Bruce, after working at HP, can have failed realizing this.

That said, I do wish Bruce success in this project (perhaps my pessimism proves wrong). Technically, the goal should not be too dificult to achieve. It is amazing how little technical value the commercial enterprise Linux offerings have over the "normal" Linux distributions.

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