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Where copyright comes from

Where copyright comes from

Posted Jan 31, 2013 21:36 UTC (Thu) by khim (subscriber, #9252)
In reply to: Where copyright comes from by Max.Hyre
Parent article: Villa: Pushing back against licensing and the permission culture

Don't mistake me—copyright has its place, and I support it as originally conceived, but recent excesses lead me to question whether no copyright is better than the régime we have now.

That's not even a contest. Copyright as it exist today excludes privacy rights totally. Every mail, every phone call, every interaction between two persons which involves technical means (including things like video baby monitors) must be processed by state-controlled "copyright checker". Only then can you enforce copyright as it exist today: any such venue left unchecked will make it possible to create "copyright-volator's network" and thus obviously needs to be prosecuted.

Any and all benefits from such copyright are dwarfed by the downside. How long do you think government will keep this perfect "remote silencer" used only to enforce copyright when it can be used perfectly well to silence dissident more efficiently then Great Firewall of China?

Sorry, but it's not even a contest: copyright as it exist today (when non-commercial private exchange is forbidden) does more hard then good. If any copyright is better then no copyright - that's the question. The answer is probably "yes", but we should probably cut it out from out homes, at least. Leave it where it belongs: control commercial transactions (which must be controlled anyway for tax purposes) and leave private lives alone.

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