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Posted Jan 31, 2013 17:53 UTC (Thu) by mpr22 (subscriber, #60784)
In reply to: Seigo: by mathstuf
Parent article: Seigo:

Amarok, at least, lets you permute artist and album either way round. (Of course, neither ordering deals gracefully with things like Fields of the Nephilim and Evanescence both releasing albums called Fallen.)

What I really want - and what none of the music player programs I've actually met seem to provide - is to sort "The Cure" under 'C' instead of 'T', while still presenting the name as "The Cure".

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Posted Jan 31, 2013 17:56 UTC (Thu) by mathstuf (subscriber, #69389) [Link]

Like this[1]? (From Vanilla Player).


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