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Myths not debunked but confirmed

Myths not debunked but confirmed

Posted Jan 29, 2013 22:12 UTC (Tue) by HelloWorld (guest, #56129)
In reply to: Myths not debunked but confirmed by k8to
Parent article: Poettering: The Biggest Myths

As evidenced by many comments here and elsewhere, systemd is *not* a relatively useless change, most people welcome it because it's easier to configure, more reliable and more featureful than what came before it. So please stop spreading this kind of FUD. Systemd makes life easier for most people, not harder, which is why most significant distros adopted it by now.

And besides, most systems don't use SysVinit either, and even those who do often bear no resemblance to each other as pretty much everything is done by system-specific scripts. The introduction of systemd actually led to an *increase* in uniformity as distros share most of the configuration files.

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Myths not debunked but confirmed

Posted Jan 30, 2013 4:56 UTC (Wed) by k8to (subscriber, #15413) [Link]

So now you chop and change as well.

Every response has been an exercise in mischaracterization.

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