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Posted Jan 29, 2013 17:32 UTC (Tue) by hitmark (guest, #34609)
Parent article: Seigo:

So Plasma Active will follow iOS and Android down the rabbit hole?

One argument Google has fielded for leaving out SD cards in their recent Nexus devices are that people can potentially be confused about where their images and such end up. this again because they are not exposed to the file system, but instead is supposed to interact with the images files via the camera and gallery apps.

IMO, that path leads to madness.

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Posted Jan 29, 2013 20:45 UTC (Tue) by ibukanov (subscriber, #3942) [Link]

Few clicks in Goggle Play on Android devices allows to install a file manager that presents the file hierarchy both when used a standalone application and as a file open dialog.

But I agree with you, the default setup is madness.


Posted Feb 9, 2013 16:24 UTC (Sat) by hitmark (guest, #34609) [Link]

While true, said apps will not be even considered when Google make future changes. Android 3.1-3.2 introduced MTP and in the process changed the SD card (no helping that confusingly the internal storage is referred to as the SD often thanks to a hackaround by various companies to try match the Apple induced fad of large internal storage spaces) mounting defaults permissions to read only unless you were part of the preinstalled apps group.

This was done silently and caught a large number of users off guard when updating their shiny tablet from 3.1 to 3.2. While in 3.1 they could use the file managers to write random files to the card in the slot, 3.2 just gave access denied errors. And this even tho the UNIX rights looked ok.

The workaround seemed to be to go via the MediaStore database, the supervisor of the MTP implementation in Android, and in essence pretend that the file came from a computer attached via USB. But even when done that way, you could not delete files, or directories, once created...

Never mind that said database had a bad habit of getting silently out of sync if you used a file manager on the internal storage area (that infuriatingly still carried the old RW permission system, confusing users even further towards thinking the issue was a broken SD card rather than Android changes). Meaning that what a computer would see via MTP, and the actual state of the Android device, may not line up at all.

And i fear that future Android changes will likely bring more of this, thanks to the policy that the user should not touch the FS.

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