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Poettering: The Biggest Myths

Poettering: The Biggest Myths

Posted Jan 27, 2013 19:46 UTC (Sun) by rgmoore (✭ supporter ✭, #75)
In reply to: Poettering: The Biggest Myths by mgb
Parent article: Poettering: The Biggest Myths

A recent instance was "support for some distribution specific legacy configuration file formats has been dropped. We recommend distributions to simply adopt the configuration files everybody else uses now", which translated means that he's using systemd as a power play to try to make the overwhelming majority of distros change configuration files to match those of his tiny minority.

This would be a more plausible theory if they had enforced the Fedora/RedHat filenames and locations in all cases, but they didn't. And, for what it's worth, this was probably a worthwhile effort regardless of whether it was associated with systemd. There is no particularly good reason for each distribution to keep the same information in different formats and locations. All that doing so achieves is confusion, fragmentation, and needless duplication of effort. This kind of standardization creates some short-term pain, but it will make everyone's life easier in the long run.

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