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I remember...

I remember...

Posted Jan 24, 2013 20:46 UTC (Thu) by jonabbey (guest, #2736)
In reply to: I remember... by kena
Parent article: Fifteen years of LWN

Oh, hey, I was the person who joined LWN right after you, neat!

I wonder how many of the early subscribers are still around?

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I remember...

Posted Jan 24, 2013 23:20 UTC (Thu) by nas (subscriber, #17) [Link]

Still here. Congratulations the the LWN crew!

I remember...

Posted Jan 25, 2013 1:14 UTC (Fri) by kena (subscriber, #2735) [Link]

Wow. *Right* after. That is funny. Honestly, I gotta think LWN turnover is lower than most sites: we are here because there is simply nothing nearly as good in its particular market segment. I'm no kernel hacker, but reading Jon's kernel column is top-notch stuff, and the signal:noise ratio in comments is almost always very, very good. Hell -- I would even go so far as to say LWN played a role in Samba4 finally shipping.

Throw in some Grumpy Editor reviews, top-notch staffers and other contributors, and why would folks like us ever leave? ;-)

-Ken D'Ambrosio

I remember...

Posted Jan 25, 2013 19:56 UTC (Fri) by nix (subscriber, #2304) [Link]

Quite so. There *are* things I'd spend my money on before I spent it on LWN, but that's things like food, heat, power, and network service -- things without which an LWN subscription is useless.

I remember...

Posted Feb 5, 2013 23:23 UTC (Tue) by Baylink (guest, #755) [Link]

I have a 4 digit Slashdot user number, and a 3 digit Metafilter one; forget where I am here. :-P

And for me, that childhood experience was "can I have some of that [vodka martini]?"

Only part I liked was the olives... which is still true today (I'm a rum and bourbon drinker now, when I drink at all, which is rare).

Happy Anniversary, Jon and Company! Keep up the good work.

I remember...

Posted Feb 5, 2013 23:52 UTC (Tue) by rgmoore (✭ supporter ✭, #75) [Link]

I think the user ID system came a few years after the site started, so the ordering of low numbers is more a result of who happened to get there early on the day signups started than who has been here for the absolute longest. That's the only way I can explain having such a low number. I have obviously been here for a long time, but certainly not since anywhere close to day one.

I remember...

Posted Feb 5, 2013 23:58 UTC (Tue) by corbet (editor, #1) [Link]

User ID's started at 1 (which some selfish insider naturally snarfed) when the "new" site code was first deployed in June, 2002. Some of the lowest numbers belong to members of the Quixote mailing list who helped us test the code before we switched over; after that, it's just a matter of who created accounts first. We didn't expose them for some years, but they have existed for as long as this version of the site has.

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