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Posted Jan 23, 2013 16:50 UTC (Wed) by eMBee (guest, #70889)
In reply to: Maturity? by tialaramex
Parent article: Ubuntu considers “huge” change that would end traditional release cycle (ars technica)

isn't updating drivers already an issue for LTS today? so LTS users should not be affected by this, and not would users that switch to the rolling release. the only ones affected might be those who switch from upgrading every 6 months to LTS, and that's assuming that LTS falls behind with driver updates.

greetings, eMBee.

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Posted Jan 23, 2013 17:03 UTC (Wed) by redden0t8 (guest, #72783) [Link]

Exactly... this won't change anything for LTS users, it's the others who it affects.

The whole "dist-upgrade" thing is part of what pushed me away from Ubuntu. I now use a rolling-release distro (Arch Linux) and couldn't be happier.

(I should emphasize the whole rolling-release thing was only one of several reasons I made the switch, though)


Posted Jan 23, 2013 17:51 UTC (Wed) by scientes (guest, #83068) [Link]

LTS releases already have the 6-month release kernels and graphics stacks backported to them, this was decided at the 12.10 planning Ubuntu Developer Summit in Oakland.


Posted Jan 23, 2013 18:23 UTC (Wed) by madscientist (subscriber, #16861) [Link]

That's good, but the thing that really frustrates me about Ubuntu is that they don't update to Gnome point releases (except for LTS versions of course). The Gnome X.0 releases in March and September, and the Ubuntu releases provide the Gnome X.0 release in April and October (typically). That's all fine.

But then Gnome releases X.1 typically 6 weeks or so after X.0, and X.2 6 weeks after that, and sometimes even X.3, and those are chock full of bug fixes and stability enhancements. But Ubuntu never updates to those in standard releases.

They may pull back a critical fix here or there, but that's it. And so it seems that Ubuntu always has the worst of each Gnome release: they get all the new features in release X.0 without the bug fixes that went into release X.n, then they jump to a new release X+1.0 with lots more new features without fixes for those bugs.

If they start picking up the intermediate Gnome point releases in this "rolling release" model, that would be completely excellent.

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