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Neutral values

Neutral values

Posted Dec 30, 2012 20:49 UTC (Sun) by Wol (guest, #4433)
In reply to: Neutral values by apoelstra
Parent article: Petition: promote the use of free software in US schools

The UK system is somewhat better - in that most (secondary) teachers do understand their subject reasonably well.

It's just as bad in that any decent teachers soon want to leave ... :-(

My daughter is typical. She did a degree in Music Theatre, before deciding to go into teaching. She then did a PGCE (Post-Graduate Certificate in Education) which was largely spent in the classroom, before getting a job as a teacher. Six years on she is a very good "Head of Specialty", is getting really fed up, and is thinking of leaving her school - and possibly leaving teaching - in a few years time.

Her fiance is also a teacher, also fed up, and also wanting to leave ...

("Head of Specialty" - most schools in the UK specialise in something, be it maths, science, arts, whatever. She is head of her school's specialty department - performing arts.)

(The alternative to a PGCE is a Graduate Trainee - again, get a job as a teacher in a school and get trained on the job. Most of these people come from industry and teaching is not their first job.)


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Neutral values

Posted Jan 4, 2013 19:57 UTC (Fri) by nix (subscriber, #2304) [Link]

I can confirm this. I know several people who were by all accounts excellent teachers in the UK, including some who left high-paying jobs they hated to go into teaching from sheer love of the subject.

Every single one left after a few years, often to go back to the jobs they hated, because dispiriting though they were they were less dispiriting than the UK state school system. (Private school teachers by all accounts have a better time of it, probably due to sheer funding issues.)

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