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Still working and useful

Still working and useful

Posted Dec 25, 2012 17:15 UTC (Tue) by bronson (subscriber, #4806)
In reply to: Still working and useful by cmccabe
Parent article: Vernooij: Bazaar-NG: 7 years of hacking on a distributed version control system

Have no fear, four of those packages have already ridden off into the sunset.

Of the remaining three, I agree, bzr is the least engaged. No need to hurry its departure, it'll happen soon enough.

Just imagine how many paid man-hours Canonical dumped into bzr...

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not to mention it's a GNU project

Posted Jan 7, 2013 14:06 UTC (Mon) by alex (subscriber, #1355) [Link]

The Emacs VCS is bzr because FSF favours GNU projects over non-GNU if they are functionally equivalent (and I believe an even split in preference amongst the devs).

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