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Still working and useful

Still working and useful

Posted Dec 20, 2012 11:46 UTC (Thu) by coriordan (guest, #7544)
Parent article: Vernooij: Bazaar-NG: 7 years of hacking on a distributed version control system

It's a pity that this developer is pessimistic about BZR, but it's still a documented, debugged, working piece of free software that a lot of people know how to use.

"Move on" sounds like a nice way to say "abandon", but I don't see a reason for people to abandon BZR.

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Still working and useful

Posted Dec 20, 2012 23:21 UTC (Thu) by nickbp (guest, #63605) [Link]

I don't know if it's at this point yet, but there is some value in a given project using something that potential contributors already know by default.

Still working and useful

Posted Dec 25, 2012 8:13 UTC (Tue) by cmccabe (guest, #60281) [Link]

First of all, kudos to Jelmer Vernooij for writing a great article and also for contributing to bzr and other projects.

To be honest, however, I think it would be a good thing for bzr to ride off into the sunset. I think most developers don't have time to master all of bazaar, mercurial, darcs, BitKeeper, arch, monotone, and git. You kind of have to pick one or two to focus on, and it looks like the community has made its choice.

I think everyone pretty much agrees that git has a lot of abilities that the other systems don't-- for example, the ability to handle big repositories without grinding to a halt. In contrast, the only thing that's ever been pointed out as an advantage of the other systems is a "better UI." I have the feeling that in a lot of cases "it has a better UI" is code for "I was exposed to it first."

With regard to the a-word, continuing to use a legacy system can mean "abandoning" the wider developer community, and that's far more important than any individual project.

Still working and useful

Posted Dec 25, 2012 17:15 UTC (Tue) by bronson (subscriber, #4806) [Link]

Have no fear, four of those packages have already ridden off into the sunset.

Of the remaining three, I agree, bzr is the least engaged. No need to hurry its departure, it'll happen soon enough.

Just imagine how many paid man-hours Canonical dumped into bzr...

not to mention it's a GNU project

Posted Jan 7, 2013 14:06 UTC (Mon) by alex (subscriber, #1355) [Link]

The Emacs VCS is bzr because FSF favours GNU projects over non-GNU if they are functionally equivalent (and I believe an even split in preference amongst the devs).

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