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An Evening with Bruce Perens

An Evening with Bruce Perens

Posted Oct 9, 2003 19:13 UTC (Thu) by Per_Bothner (subscriber, #7375)
In reply to: An Evening with Bruce Perens by zone
Parent article: An Evening with Bruce Perens

> As far as I can tell, Fedora and Debian fill identical roles.

However, Fedora is a compatible extension of Red Hat 9. Debian is not. This point is critical to both Red Hat (who wants to use Fedora as the base for their Enterprise products), their customers (who want stability and compatibility), and anyone else who wants Red Hat Linux.

Using Debian is not an option.

On the other hand, perhaps Fedora and Debian could/should merge at some point in the future, if they have develop similar comunities and philosophies, but that requires compromise on a number of technical issues. I think that is possible, and perhaps desirable, but there is a lot work needed first.

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An Evening with Bruce Perens

Posted Oct 9, 2003 22:08 UTC (Thu) by JoeBuck (guest, #2330) [Link]

Fedora also has newer packages than Debian unstable does, though not as many. Gnome 2.4, Xfree86 4.3, kernels with a number of interesting 2.6 features backported, etc.

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