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free "enterprise" Linux distro

free "enterprise" Linux distro

Posted Oct 9, 2003 14:17 UTC (Thu) by wolfrider (guest, #3105)
In reply to: free "enterprise" Linux distro by snitm
Parent article: An Evening with Bruce Perens

RPM is overrated, especially when rpm-based distros are including .deb support package-getters like "yum".

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free "enterprise" Linux distro

Posted Oct 9, 2003 14:30 UTC (Thu) by seyman (subscriber, #1172) [Link]

What does yum have to do with .deb packages?

free "enterprise" Linux distro

Posted Oct 9, 2003 14:32 UTC (Thu) by snitm (guest, #4031) [Link]

yep, RPM pretty much sucks.... unfortunately its the chosen package format/manager of the LSB.

Also, yum and apt-get (for rpm) can't hold a candle to Debian's apt-get w/ dpkg/deb on the backend. Debian packaging allows for much more package sophistication, BUT attaining that level of debian packaging sophistication has a sizeable learning curve that will likely impose some serious hurdles and doubt in the minds of existing rpm-based distribution software vendors and enterprise customers.

Its unfortunate really, but Debian has generally prided itself on making aspiring debian developers run the deb packaging guantlet in order to prove they've got the required deb-fu. That's something that'll have to be lessened; possibly by leveraging some of the build systems that are coming into light from developers in the debian community.

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