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REBOL to go open-source

REBOL to go open-source

Posted Dec 15, 2012 3:01 UTC (Sat) by jmorris42 (guest, #2203)
In reply to: REBOL to go open-source by kragil
Parent article: REBOL to go open-source

Yup. What looks like happened is the one man operation got bogged down in a major rewrite and realized it would never be finished by himself. So he tossed it over the wall and is now hoping the magic fairy dust, that he doesn't like and distrusts, will still come through and finish getting a working updated version of his pet language finished.

Note that there is no source release of the stable version, it is strictly a quid pro quo deal, you open source folks want this ya gotta bail me out.

Looks like an interesting langage but still not seeing why I'd pick it. The graphic subsystem is less useful than Tk and the language isn't really better than tcl, just different. Lacking a serious modern compiler I really doubt it would execute code faster than tcl but admit I haven't had time to even try benchmarking it.

Again, the langauge has apparently been around a long time but as a closed one person vanity project it couldn't harness the community like tcl, perl, python, etc. could and it shows badly. It would require a lot of effort to bring up to scratch and the argument isn't compelling. Worse it doesn't have the vast external libraries to compete with perl, python, php, etc.

Do like the single self contained executable that consumes less than 5MB of total vss to get to a command prompt. So it does have the advantage of being very well suited to small environments.... but we are quickly hitting a point where arm machines have loads of ram because somebody thought java apps would be a good idea for phones.

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