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Schulz: OpenMandriva takes off

Schulz: OpenMandriva takes off

Posted Dec 14, 2012 15:25 UTC (Fri) by mmarq (guest, #2332)
Parent article: Schulz: OpenMandriva takes off

Finally!... after more than 10 years, perhaps now the "public" got to "know" what "Open Source" means ... an automated "build infrastructure" way easier than Gentoo based ones.

I can see a tremendous "business" potential here -> a live CD and "specific" costumer build installs, in exchange of a fee...

... so far all models inclusive Linux as been the Windoze model, a one size fits all binary distribution for "Free"... yes windoze is *free*, they don't officially launch, yet there are plenty of "free" warez images floating around, the only way they kept been a monopoly(just compare with tablets/android which is *NOT* easy or free to change OS).

Custom build from online, and perhaps there could be HSA(AMD/others) and ICC toolchains based installs. Most desktop "clients" will run away from this "builds" like a cat from cold water, but if is possible to do it from online, and the price is accessible, they will jump in in mass. It is even easier for retailers and OEMs.

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