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Posted Dec 12, 2012 19:34 UTC (Wed) by raven667 (subscriber, #5198)
In reply to: Mmm by commodorejohn
Parent article: Haiku edges toward general release

Well, for starters, Windows is only VMS deep down at the kernel level, as far as I've been able to find out. MacOS wasn't Unix until 2001. But more importantly: BeOS and Haiku are not Unix. The presence of bash notwithstanding. It does not share an API with Unix, it's object-oriented and not pipe-based, it doesn't use either the classic Unix or BSD file hierarchies (indeed, it organizes things in completely the opposite way from traditional Unix.) It is not based on Linux or any other Unix-derived kernel. In fact, they specifically state that it is not Linux, because so many people like to assume that any open-source OS must be Linux in some form or another.

What in the heck? Aside from WinNT systems where the system works like VMS all other systems are Unix or Unix-like including desktop or consumer systems like Mac OS X/iOS and Android or webOS. Even the systems which are not Unix clones like QNX and BeOS are Unix-like in their userspace API, including features like environment variables, pipes, fork(), file descriptors, etc.

What falsifiable assertions are you prepared to make and what evidence will you use to back them up, or are you content to just make commentary that sounds like a PHB trade-rag, with apparent misunderstandings of what an OS or API is? What exactly is this crufty baggage that is so damaging, do you have a list of system calls or features?

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Posted Dec 12, 2012 21:46 UTC (Wed) by hummassa (subscriber, #307) [Link]

Funny thing "BeOS is not Unix": I just got one of the test files from haiku source, and gcc-ed into an executable. Under linux. Without any patch. And it ran! Ha, ha! Try THAT with a Windows-compilable source.

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