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free "enterprise" Linux distro

free "enterprise" Linux distro

Posted Oct 9, 2003 7:12 UTC (Thu) by stuart (subscriber, #623)
In reply to: free "enterprise" Linux distro by snitm
Parent article: An Evening with Bruce Perens

um Debian does have native rpm support. apt-get install alien


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free "enterprise" Linux distro

Posted Oct 9, 2003 10:27 UTC (Thu) by zonker (subscriber, #7867) [Link]

I wouldn't call Alien "native" support for RPMs -- IIRC, there are a few steps required to convert an RPM to a Debian package for installation. Alien if fine for a single user converting a few RPMs for use on their Debian box, but it's not what I'd want to use for managing a large number of packages in an enterprise environment. There's also the issue of differences between systems -- so dependencies and such may be somewhat different, and the package converted from RPM to Debian format may not be used interchangeably.

free "enterprise" Linux distro

Posted Oct 10, 2003 2:52 UTC (Fri) by Luyseyal (guest, #15693) [Link]

Apt supports RPMs and dependency resolution natively. As long as they're not some shitty third party RPMs, they will work fine with Apt.

free "enterprise" Linux distro

Posted Oct 11, 2003 17:42 UTC (Sat) by piman (subscriber, #8957) [Link]

The 'differences between systems' is what the LSB fixes, so LSB-compliant RPMs should all convert file with alien. Otherwise it's either a bug in alien, or in the RPM.

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