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Rant, continued

Rant, continued

Posted Nov 13, 2012 13:12 UTC (Tue) by JMB (guest, #74439)
In reply to: Rant, continued by bojan
Parent article: Mena-Quintero: A Friday rant on Gnome 3, journalists, and power users

I would guess we are all "collectors" - as we are all users.
We try things out, advise others what may fit if their workflow
is similar to ours {in case we are nice and have time discuss - if
something got broken write bug reports and even start rants if
those are neglected} - but if something doesn't fit for our use
case we delete/format and try out something new. ;-)
Maybe we should only use what we programmed ourselves so we
really have the right to write bug reports and comment on
missing features ... and thus no longer are "collectors" or
"distro hoppers" (every real administrator is one - he has to
know all {major} distros and get along with them - and should
give negative feedback befor problematic things enter the
enterprise versions - ups, too late ;-).

If I would be a lead programmer in a project having many users I may
ask the users in first place before starting from scratch - and after
finishing something like first beta really _ask_ for missing features
(the most badly needed ones) and make sure that these are in before
the RC or even releasing version x.0. Just a dream ...
Maybe this is just the reaction of the nice administrators.

By the way, are there any user polls by GNOME/Unity/KDE/XFCE/LXDE ...
(i.e. the DE project asking its user base)?
As these projects are not as technical as the kernel, this may be
a good idea - wouldn't it - especially if someone aims at large
user numbers ... and not dreaming of a desert island.

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